Bolt Type Bow-Shackle

Bolt type bow-shackle is another rigging tool, but it is a more secure version of other bow-shackle tools or gear. The main purpose of a bolt-type bow-shackle is to lift, tow, move, shift and land heavy loads like raw materials, industrial tools, and equipment in the warehouse. In addition, bolt type bow-shackle stays secure and doesn’t move when used for rotation purposes. It is best to use bolt type bow-shackle with anchor bolts for rigging as it provides great support. Moreover, the bolt type bow-shackle eliminates the need to tighten the plug before lifting any heavy load; therefore, it is an incredible choice for long and short-term load sliding and prevention of rotation. There are various uses for which bolt type bow shackle is used, but it is operated with any tool with a screw or round pin. Lastly, bolt type bow shackles can make lifting work easy and very convenient.