About Us

About us

With a vision of providing immaculate services to the customers, the team of Balbir Singh and Sons has been in the business since the 1957. We are a leading and one of the most reliable brands in the market helping the material industry with all kinds of lifting equipments.

As an ISO 9001 & CE Certified company, we are a leading distributor of Usha Martin, Usha Lubes, white horse and Tufropes with an experience of 65 years in the industry.

A Distributor you can trust

The Balbir Singh and Sons is a leading distributor of usha martin wire ropes and usha martin wire ropes slings. We have been facilitated with a number of certificates by various manufacturers, brands and agencies because of the quality that we provide in our products. We have been awarded with “Certificate of Excellence” and “Dealer Performance” by Usha Martin a number of times. We are No.1 in India for consecutive 7 years.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help our customers with all kinds of quality products that we deal with. We do not compromise when it comes to quality, at any cost. Whether you are looking for quality wires , ropes and lifting equipment, Balbir Singh and Sons will always match up to your expectations.

Why choose us

We are a leading distributor of all kinds of top quality products such as Usha Martin Wire Rope, White Horse Electric Chain Hoist, D Shackle, Chain Pulley Block etc.