Screw Pin Bow-Shackle

Screw pin bow-shackle is used for rigging activities.  The screw pin in the bow shackle helps quickly assemble the shackle, which is important for moving, securing, shifting, and putting down heavy loads. In addition, a screw pin bow-shackle is available in different varieties, which makes it one of the safest lifting tools or gear. Most screw pin bow-shackles are easily recognizable with their “o” body shape. Bow shackles with screw pins are most commonly used in multi-leg slings. With a screw pin bow-shackle, it is easy to securely fasten chains, straps and ropes to the rigging vehicle. It is easy to choose a screw pin bow shackle that suits your needs and works effectively for rigging activities because they are available in different sizes, colors, and materials. The best quality and heavy-duty screw pin bow-shackle are made of high-quality alloy steel material to ensure it provides the best grip possible.