Round Ring Weldless Ring

The round ring weldless ring is one of the most used and prominent tools or appliances used in the lifting or manufacturing industry. The round weldless ring is easily recognizable as it has an “O” body shape or a ring shape. In addition, a round ring weldless ring is used for various lifting purposes, including webbing, rope, and chain assembling. Various round weldless ring suppliers sell round weldless rings that are actively used in the marine industry. Not only is this, but the lightweight round weldless rings also suitable for minor lifting purposes. Round ring weldless rings come in different colors, weights and materials, and most of the round weldless rings in India are heat resistant to fit the purpose. Moreover, to get the best quality round ring weldless ring, there are a few qualities to look for: high-quality alloy steel, high working load limit, red or yellow coated etc., which are easily available at different round weldless ring manufacturers. 

WLL (t) Size (A*B) (cm) Weight (kg)
5T 25*102 1.54
10T 38*203 6.74
15T 45*225 10.6
20T 50*254 15.4
25T 57*280 21.3
30T 63.5*330 30.8
35T 70*330 38
40T 75*343 45.6
50T 80*350 53.4
80T 100*400 97