Master Ring Weldless Alloy

Master ring weldless alloy is a heavy-duty lifting and shifting tool mainly used in material handling industries. Master ring weldless is made of high-quality alloy steel, ideal for other lifting or rigging work, including towing, shifting, and landing of tools etc. Master ring weldless alloys are available in different colors, sizes and weights, making it easy to select the master ring that fulfills other purposes. There are various material handling tools, but the master ring weldless alloy is a preferred choice when it comes to lifting heavy industrial loads as the master ring provides full support and grip to the lifting chains. Master ring weldless alloy can easily be attached to multi-legged wire rope and web slings. These master links make the best rigging tools or accessories that can be added to different configurations as per your loading and lifting work. Moreover, master ring weldless alloy can lift small weights like 2 kg, 4kg, 7kg and more.


WLL (t) Size (D*A*B) (mm) Weight (kg)
10T 25*178*89 2.1
15T 32*220*110 4.25
20T 38*267*133 7.2
25T 40*300*160 8.97
30T 45*305*152 11.55
35T 51*355*178 17.2
40T 56*400*200 23.2
50T 63*406*203 31
80T 75*457*228 50.4