Recommended Do’s and Dont’s

Recommended Do’s and Dont’s

Do’s for wire ropes users

  • Lubricate ropes with good quality acid free and moisture free lubricant.
  • Regularly inspect the sheaves, rollers or pulleys – the life of ropes largely depend on there condition.
  • Inspect ropes and fittings/terminations periodically.

Don’ts for wire ropes users

  • DO NOT allow ropes in store to deteriorate.
  • DO NOT mishandle ropes when uncoiling or unreeling & allow kinks to form.
  • DO NOT use Langs lay with a swivel.
  • DO NOT use a rope with too large groove diameter on drums and pulleys.
  • DO NOT cut a rope without seizing.
  • DO NOT use rope which is not sufficiently flexible for the size or drum or pulley.
  • DO NOT load the rope beyond its safe working load. Reduction of safety factor may jeopardize not only rope, but also equipment, job and men.

Note :
Remember – Care in handling, installation and careful inspection gives more life and enormous dividends.