Chain Slings Grade 80

Chain slings grade 80 are one of the most used and high-quality lifting slings in the material handling industries. Chain slings 80 are made up of high-quality alloy steel. Moreover, chain slings Grade 80 has a very high weight and strength ratio.The main purpose of these slings is to lift, tow or move heavy raw materials, industrial tolls, etc. Chain slings grade comes in different capacities from 200-50000 kilograms. In addition, chain slings grade 80 can be used as a tow chain and overhead lifting. Material handling industries require a lot of lifting and towing work; therefore, chain sling grade 80 is the most cost-efficient option for you. Chain slings grade 80 works as a hook holder, making it easy to connect the sling with the load and lift it without being damaged or rusted. In addition, chain sling grade 80 will stretch when overloaded and won’t break.

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