Mining Ropes

Balbir Singh and Sons supply a wide range of Usha Martin wire ropes constructions to provide the right combination of wear and fatigue resistance, strength and other properties to meet these severe services conditions.

The wire rope constructions provided for the mining industry are specifically designed for the type of loading, external wear, bending and vibrational stresses to which these ropes are subjected.

  • ISO 9001:2008 credited: All mining ropes shown are manufacture using system which are approved to ISO.
  • Guaranteed breaking load: A sample of each rope is tested to destruction to confirm that the published guaranteed minimum breaking load is achieved.
  • Excellence resistance to fatigue, wear and abrasion: confirmed by laboratory testing and field experience.
  • Excellent service life.
  • Fully lubricated.
  • Worldwide distribution network with full technical support.


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Showing all 6 results