Usha Martin – Wire Ropes

Balbirsinghandsons are the biggest distributors of Usha Martin Wireropes in the Delhi region . Introduction Usha Martin wireropes – Usha Martin Limited is a specialty steel and steel product focused group with diverse product range in both steel and wireropes.

It is one of the largest wirerope manufacturer in the world. It is also the only wirerope company in the world that has a totally integrated business model to convert iron ore into steel wireropes as well as build its own wire drawing and rope making industry.

Usha Martin’s rope is one of the cleanest in the world accredidated with TPM excellence award from Japan institute of Plant Maintenance.

It is one of the very few companies that has approval by OTIS for its worldwide Elevator Rope Supply

Usha Martin Steel wire ropes finds place in every corner of the globe and has presence in almost all applications of ropes.


  • Wire
  • Strand
  • Core


Fundamentals Constructions

  • Equal number of wires in each layer
  • All wires in each layer are of the same diameter
  • Large outer wires rest in the valley

  • Inner layer having half the number of wires as the outer layer
  • small filler wires equal in number to the inner layer are laid in the valleys of the inner layer

  • one diameter of wire in the inner layer
  • Two diameter of wires alternating large and small in the outer layer
  • The large outer layers rest in the valleys and the smaller ones on the crowns of the inner layer

  • Combination of above constructions Eg seale-Filling Wrrington-Seale etc


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