Sector Rope Type Rope Size (mm) Rope Details
Under Ground Mines Haulage Rope 16-28 6×7,6x17S,6X19S
Winding Rope 16-55 LCWR-Full Lock
6xV8, 6xv22, 6xV27, 6xV27, 6xV28
6×7, 6x19s, 6x26SW, 6x36SW, 8×19
Guide Rope 29-54 LCWR;Half Lock,Right Lay,Galvanised/Ungalvanised.
Balance Rope 16-64 34×7(Rotation resistant)
Sector Rope Type Rope Size (mm) Rope Details
Material Handling Haulage Rope 16-51 6×7, 6x17S, 6x19S, 6xV8, 6xV22
Lock Coil Track Rope 25-70 Full Lock/Right lay; Ungalvanised.

Note :

  • “V” =Triangular Flattend strand Ropes.
  • “CWR” =IWRC
  • PVF = Plastic Valley Failed


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